September 11 - 2012

Kitesurfing Japan

 Kitesurfing Japan

That’s my 4th time in Japan, and each time I love it.

The flight Maurice-Paris, Paris-Tokyo went smoothly, I slept 20h accumulated and had 12 meals.

Arriving at Narita Airport Tokyo heat was stifling, I still had to take the train to go to Kamakura, and found the hotel where I was going to join my friends Cyril, Yuri, their family and friends for their marriage.

The night was excellent, beautiful wedding, we all wear a “Yukata” a kind of kimono for the occasion, Congratulations again to you two …

Two days later, “Machado” the North kiteboarding team riders in Japan picked me for a demo tour.

This is the 3rd time Machadoo is taking care of me in Japan. Each time it’s excellent. Between two shops, he takes me to temples, visiting towns, shops … Again thank you Machado… the only trouble is that he does not speak English .. so the conversation is quite limited: We found a parade “google translation”, I wrote on my phone with the application google translation what I wanted to tell him, i show him, sometimes with more or less success, and vice versa when he wanted to talk to me. We spent a week like that, across the country, to eat everything and anything to learn from each other English and Japanese …

Kitesurf market in Japan is very small, there are plenty of prohibition, the beaches are reserved for surfers, and it’s full of it regardless of the size of the waves.

I met people I had not seen for some years as Saori, Keiko, Shushin from Oxbow, the folks at pure sports, Jun ….

On the last day we got some wind in Chiba, in front of Jun surfshop called Ted, light for 12 but fun, I met my team mate from California Ian Alldredge for a funny ride with some Japanese well motivated.

Kawai and Machado thank you again for everything…

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Kitesurfing Japan

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Kitesurfing Japan

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Kitesurfing Japan

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Kitesurfing Japan

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Kitesurfing Japan

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