September 15 - 2011

Kitesurf in Brittany.

 Kitesurf in Brittany.

A big thanks to Irene and Katia (the last two cyclones) for sending us some good waves and wind at the beginning of September.
In France the best place to get those waves with wind, it’s Brittany.
There is reef, big beaches…lots of choices, depends on what you want to ride.
The key is to be on the good spot, you can quickly drive an hour or two and miss a session because of the tide, or a big black cloud …
These two days have been quite nice, bright sunshine, 25 knots, and 3m swell with 13 of the period.

A good kitesurfing session Monday in southern Brittany, and on Tuesday I went to one of the best spots in Britain who rarely works.
I met Fabienne d’Ortoli (World champ in 2002) (read her story from that day here) on the spot.
The wind was side off, the launch and walking with the kite in the air between and on the rocks was very tense. (Thank you Fab and Loic).

Outside, the wind was strong enough, but inside the wave, it was another story, it was very gusty, the kite fell a few times and with sets over 2m50 I didn’t want to end up by swimming.

This wave is beautiful, it wraps itself around a point, hollow along its entire length, a long wall just waiting to be “torn” (with all due respect I owe him, of course).
It lacked a bit of wind angle to make it perfect.
Then I came back on the shore easily with some good gust, between rocks and seaweeds.
For Fabienne, completely underpower, it was a bit more complicated. On this spot, she kites with fins attached to her belt, and this time she used it to come back.

It was two intense days, and a good train before the Kitesurfing Wave World Championship Tour next week in Mauritius.
Thanks to Loic for the pics, website here.

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Kitesurf in Brittany.

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Kitesurf in Brittany.

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