April 20 - 2007

Japan, Lake Biwa

 Japan, Lake Biwa

We passed a good part of the day in the car through Japan to join the Lake Biwa.

We stopped in Nagoya to sleep.
I spend a part of the road to learn Japanese on my Ipod, start to learn some good stuff.
Today, we arrived at the Lake in after midday, a pretty beach of sand, surrounded by the mountains, the place is pretty, and wild.

1st day of the kite festival at the lake Biwa, all the conditions are here, wind (20nds), sun, crowd, and my wetsuit (14°Celsus).

I kite with my 12, well overpowered, there was a very friendly day, people smile, shout, laugh, that jumps in all the directions, a little limiting sometimes, considering the wind is one-Shore.

I left the water little bit cold, the sun will heat me quickly, and I set out again in 16 rhino7 completely overpowered to send some good air.
Everyone tests Rhino7, vegas7, rebel, people in the area have practically only North kite.

A good day in water (cold), a good atmosphere, and always as much as difficult to communicate, but with little bit of English, movement, and luck we understand each other, and everyday i have more and more news Japanese words.

The evening big barbecue, little bit cold around 9°C, everybody is going around the fire to get warmer. The Japanese Barbeccue style is very convivial, we go all around and put small pieces of meats, onions, carrots… and we eat with chops ticks when we want it.

Bingo is back, boards, kites, bags in game, during this time I have fun to take picture of everyone, everybody will have his own.
Sunday the weather was not very optimist, little wind, but a large sun heated everyone.

I experienced my first earthquake, small 5,4 on the scale of Richter, I was inside of the house, it raised myself, vibrated, really impressive the force that can have.

Hashi and Machado then took me along to Kyoto, to visit a splendid Bouddhist temple. The kiomizu temple goes back to 768, and is candidate to be one of the 7 wonders of the world http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiyomizu-dera

The temple is gigantic, is surrounded of gardens, of cherry trees, it’ very Zen.

Then we hit the road to sleep in Nagoya.

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Japan, Lake Biwa

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Japan, Lake Biwa

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