April 26 - 2011

I survived Adrenaline Challenge

 I survived Adrenaline Challenge

I’m on the left on the picture above.

A month ago, I received an email from Lucie, team manager at Julbo, she asks me to participate in an event organized by the sport magazine “l’Equipe”: The program, snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, stand up paddle, wake surfing.

Soon i received other emails, I’m in the team “lacquered duck”, with Thomas Diet called “Bichon “freerider in skiing, Julian Lopez , called” coco “freeride world champion in skiing, and Alex Balaud pro mountain-bikers, and me kitesurfer. I quickly sent an email to warn them about my level of biking (Bakery on Sunday morning) and Snowboarding.
Apparently this was not an issue I received in response, “we will smoke them” or “we have products”

On Friday I met in Annecy “Jean Guillaume Charrie”r, the man of many hats, head, presenter, organizer, and rider for the adrenaline challenge, he drops me off at La Clusaz, hotel called “au coeur du village” a very nice 5 stars hotel.
I get a snowboard, a bike SCOTT, protections, a breastplate … Meeting at 7pm in a costume to have a drink.

Everyone has played the game, I found a few people, like windsurfers Moussilmani brothers, some team riders Julbo…. Most riders are from the mountain, They are freeriders in skiing, France snowboarding women team, mountain bikers, base jumpers, wakeboarder, surfer …

The next morning, wake up at 7am, on the slopes at 8:30.
First test the Derby.
We start with a small part where we had to run with the gear and then put the board and ride, first down win.
The total of each teammate is calculated and give the team ranking. Enak won, Thomas finished second, I finished around 25th place out of 32 (it took me a while to put my bindings ) we finished 4th.

Second parallel slalom race in relays.
Doors to pass, bumps, and especially not to crash.
we finished 7th, but I’m really happy, I took pleasure to ride and share with my team and others, the atmosphere is heated up, every team cheered each other.

François Bon (a paragliding specialist) took the opportunity to do a little skydiving from the chopper and seb with a wingsuit: Such an awesome speed!

3rd test mountain biking.
10 km into the mountain, we need to arrive at 4riders to cross the finish line.
Alex sets the pace, he coach us all the way set up the gear, where to put the wheel… we gave everything we could.
We went to the 7th place to the 4th. Everyone was waiting to cheer the other teams, great atmosphere.

4th race downhill mountain biking.
Plastron, elbow, knee, helmet ..
Another discovery, full speed downhill, lot of pleasure, and happy to cross the line in one peace.

We finished 4th in the final ranking, but it was a pretext to have such a great weekend, everyone had a big smile, I met lot of riders from different backgrounds, was really fun.

The next day we all meet at the “baie des voiles” on the Lake from Annecy. Stand up and wakesurfing for the program.
we broke a few paddle, we surf behind the boat and the weekend ends a little quickly.

Again thanks to all the organizers, riders, snow, sun, now what? Adrenaline Challenge 2?

The TV show was on TV Wednesday night at 8:30 p.m. on Equipetv you can watch it here and here
Facebook group Adrenaline TV
The summary of the weekend on video here.

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I survived Adrenaline Challenge

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I survived Adrenaline Challenge

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I survived Adrenaline Challenge

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I survived Adrenaline Challenge

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I survived Adrenaline Challenge

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I survived Adrenaline Challenge

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