February 22 - 2006



I’m in Maui, Hawaii for two months, training, Yoga, and healthy food are on the program.
I’ve been to some yoga classes, i feel really relax after, good for training and try the new freestyle move with cyril Coste.

Today i went with Cyril Coste on the other side of Maui.
When you have no wind on the north shore you can have wind on the other side of the island because of the venturi effect.
We went to Kanapali, it’s a touristic place, full of big hotel, and it was windy, we had a really good session, nice kicker, and steady wind.
We were working on some kiteloop handle pass, lots of fun.

When we stop, we were watching the sea, and a big whale jump very close from the shore, was really cool.

My typical day is:
Waking up around 8am, i watch the news in France on the web, check my emails, the weather forecast (webcam and wind directly on the spot) breakfast, yogurts, cereals, and fruits.
9am Yoga, it relaxes all my muscles and my mind too, i feel really good after.
11am on the spot, i bought some food at Kuau mart, Foodland or Mana food ( sushis, pasta, chicken)
Kite, training freestyle, crash and crash, then i go to surf some wave with wales and turttles.
4pm i come back home, stretch, internet.
Everybody here is going early to bed.
Movie, restaurant or small party on the week-end.

Life is pretty mellow here, it’s perfect for training, not too much people on the water, and the lifestyle is really good.
It’s my six times here for two months each time, and i still love it, now it’s  kind of my home.

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