May 29 - 2007

Demo Tour Usa

 Demo Tour Usa

Wake up by the seagulls which shouts at the top of my window, some waves, some surfers, some fishermen, the grannies which getting tanned this is my first vision. Small breakfast American style, coffee with caramel, and muffin.

The shop Ocean air await us, we will spend the morning on the spot, to discuss kite, travel and Teahupoo, the American magazine left a double page with a picture of Tim Mckenna, and a nice text written.

The wind rises, pizza pie, Coke (very healthy all that) and direction to the spot. I rig the 16 meters rhino7 and the speed board Phantom from North, 24 knots, choppy, but the store gave me a GPS and I want to see at which speed we can go. I had fun during one hour to go upwind, then go as fast as i can, flying to the top of the chops with some difficulties to stop me. Speed max 37,5 m/H then the wind raised, and it became too choppy. I changed my kite for my vegas 9 and jaime L, for a downwind of a few kilometers along the beaches, (I made some small turn inside some small river quite cool and full of mud). One of the guy from the shop came to film us, I had some good crash in kiteloop handle pass.

A good day of kite on flat water, accompanied by many French-speaking Canadian, which does not hesitate to roll 15 hours to spend 3 days here. Some beers later with the persons in charge of the store, we went to eat, according to Nik food is not terrible by here (it is true)the menu is generally very attractive with annotations as “the best than you never ate” “the chef’s speciality not to be missed” “fried in a delicious bed of cheese”… according to the waiter each time ours choice is the best, and finally it’s never what you want.

We went to bed early, here there is nothing to do the night, perhaps the only things is to talk with the seagulls, to hear them all the day they have lot of things to say.
The wind blows, the sun shines, the seagull breaks me the ear… another day starts. Super American breakfast, Coffee marshmallow and I don’t know more what (too much sweetened) orange muffin, biscuit with cinnamon (so good), smoothie… the waitresses makes picture, they expose them in the restaurant, there is picture of some houses which disappear in the sea fom the storms, some of them are beautiful.

Back to the shop, the weather forecast is 30 knots in after midday, and a large sun. Nick proposes me to go to visit the lighthouse of the island, 257 steps, 5 gallons of water to be carried in top, each day by the guard… that’s what the guide at the bottom of the steps tells us… the whole for a moderate amount of 7 dollars.
Arrived in top after some difficult crossing with American in the small staircase, the sight is splendid. All is flat, much of tree, dunes, and a corner of beach filled with car, they are the fishermen, just on the point, that must be the secret spot to put the cooler, and some big truck.. They have racks in front, kinds of pipes to arrange the fishing rods, and when they drive, they leaves them like that.

After that visit, direction a spot with waves, for the program downwind of 10 kilometers, in 12 meters, the waves are a little small but it is enough funny. The way back will be done by hitchhiking, after 15 minutes a 16 year old young guys stop and pick us up.

A large sandwich Subway style, and of return to the shop, the program big downwind on flat water. 9 meters vegas, Jaime L, and it set out again for a turn. Especially my turn in the marshes, after one hour and half of descent, there is a passage, a kind of channel in the marshes, we can go there full speed, I pass the first time, sitted on my board, I have the feeling to be on a track of go karting, with the short-nap cloth of the daisies, I accelerate with my bar, the whole without brake… after that I went upwind to offer a second session of go Karting, the others continues the downwind, they are already far when I return for the second time on the track.
One rized makes me accelerate, I am full speed, at a few meters of the grass, it is enough graying, water is smooth like billiards.
And sudden!!!!! one rized carries me more quickly, the kite start to fall impossible to stop me to re tighten the lines, the kite fall into the bush…
Nobody in sight, I swim in stinky mud, in 20 centimeters of water, I am inserted until my chest… my lines roll into themselves, and there are not a dog or alligator (fortunately) around. I try to swim on my board to advance in this mud, I turn over to my kite, I manage to leave it the bushes without breaking it, the lines follow approximately with a big package of nodes. I clean the whole, the channel must make 10 meters broad. The kite moves away, I clean the lines, I swam literally in the mud, the odor is unbearable…
The kite is fixed, it ya nodes, I draw on the bar, and that takes off in full window. I fly away without the board with the top of the marsh, unhooked, full with nodes in the lines, I fly, I correct the trajectory to fall down in this mud… glups I arrive finally to control the kite, the board arrives with the wind…

I leave the marsh and I throw myself in water, filled my wetsuit with clean water, washes me the face, the odor will remain until the shower. The sun fell, I find the others a few kilometers further, a little anxious not to see me before… we find a restaurant opened, it is 9 hours, all are already closed, a good hamburger with tuna steak, and directly to the bed…
It rains, it’s stormy outside, an icy day starts.

we are closed to 15 degrees, I have the feeling to be in France in full winter, 1st day of the demo at Dewey beach.. we leave to see the spot, and to do a downwind of few kilometers , the sea is wild, the waves are crushed in all the directions, I cached few sweaters North, and I cover me with that, I am refrigerated. I have only one wetsuit 3/2 mm short sleeve, all the others put hoods, slippers, gloves, wetsuit 5/4mm and even 6mm.. I go to rig my kite after having raised the temperature in the car, 9 meters vegas, Rocketfish 5′ 5, large shorebreak, perfect to freeze you the bones.

Good surfing, some funny sucky waves, I pack as quickly as possible.

Inevitably, I caught the bad cold, nap all the afternoon, restaurant, and in my bed.
I spent my last two days in the United States a little in bulk, a headache, fever, a dose of flu from the cold weather.

There was a demo Saturday, people came to test the kites, 15 knots gusty from 15 to 1 in 1 minutes…

The following day we hit the road a few more hours from Dewey beach to Long Island in the New Jersey.

Impossible for me to go kiting, I help people to test the kite, to adjust their bars… and I finished sleeping in the car.

The travel back to France was fast, I slept most of the time in both flight, back home, I fell asleep and wake up 48H later.

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Demo Tour Usa

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