May 16 - 2007

Demo Tour East Coast Usa.

 Demo Tour East Coast Usa.

15 hours of plane, it passed rather quickly. I slept, discussed, read, looked at a movie.
Airport of Charleston, all is super clean, a sticker on the door of the airport indicates that the weapons are prohibited inside… Nick sales North rep came to pick me up, on a way to a party, barbecue, swimming pool.

On the spot I find Sky, my Teammates, I were glad to find him, generally we have some good fun together. The party starts well with 3 hots dogs, some for drinking, a heated jacuzzi, a swimming pool, music… I make team with sky with the play for drinking (or not drinking) we put 6 glasses on each side on a table, with beer inside, and it goal is to launch a ball of ping pong inside (beerpong).

In short I finished in the jacuzzi, a little forced and inevitably with my clothe on.

The following day, we left around 8 a.m., 4 hours of driving in direction of Willmigton. The roads are invaded of motorcyclist, hair in the winds, in Harley Davidson, equipped with leather, of the hundreds, thousands on the roads each Sunday.

Surfing shop welcomed us, the weather was good, wind, and sun, after some discussed stuff and travel, we went to the beach. The wind is sideshore, a little gusty, perfect for my 9 meters vegas, and some small waves to ride.

I spent a good afternoon, people are very nice, all great smile, that given pleasure to see and share.

For the evening, a good local restaurant, King crab, and Australian wine, to finish at Dwight and his wife, 2 American in love with kite boarding, Dwight seeks with he’s got tons of idea to improve the kites, and his wife loves adrenaline, with a very good level and share with a great smile her feelings.

Next day, Wake up at 7am because of the jetlag, I open the window of my room to look at the sea, the wind blows, the palm trees yield and I see Dwight (the owner of the house) who can’t wait any longer for us, it looks at me relieved, and asks to me whether Sky and Nick are awake.

Breakfast Cereals peanut to ridge, strawberry, the whole seen on sea, sitting on chairs very local.

The program, Downwind of a 20 kilometers, wind side Shore in 9 meters vegas (my preferred), wave of 1M50 max, sun and pelicans. 6 in the water nobody at the horizon, sky, nick, Dwight and its wife and the owner of the local shop, tearing the waves ones after the others, that happiness.

With Sky we will try barrel after barrel in a devastator shore break , the waves smashed me well, until to loop under water with my bar, also to note some attempts of Hang ten on the rocketfish, which will finish head first in water, and back to the machine… Back the beach, the smile stretched to the ears, the day starts well. The houses at the edges of the beach are made in wood the problem it is that at the time of the hurricanes, water goes up to the houses, and carries some of them…

One the road again, on the way to the airport for Sky which leaves us, and I continue with nick in direction of cape Hatteras. I am glad to go there, Cape Hatteras is one of the high place of kitesurfing and windsurfing in the United States.

5 hours of road, through the “Bible belt” there is at least a church per person, we cross huge forest, villages with dilapidated houses, and the grass as well maintained as a green golf.

Arrived towards 6pm the wind is too light, the landscape is splendid, one side the ocean with the waves, a road and other a sea. The hotel is in front of a surfing spot, happy to be here.

In the house with the blue window they are doing a movie with Richard Geere.

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Demo Tour East Coast Usa.

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Demo Tour East Coast Usa.

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Demo Tour East Coast Usa.

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