September 10 - 2007

Book Teahupoo, Tim Mckenna

 Book Teahupoo, Tim Mckenna

At the beginning of the 21e century, the wave of Teahupoo, small village of fishermen at the end of the road which carries out to the peninsula of Tahiti, becomes in a few hours most famous wave of the world.
Most alarming and most beautiful of the beachcombers ever overcome by a man, Hawaiien Laird Hamilton the images of this exploit, signed of the photographer Tim McKenna, fit at once in the legend of surfing and reveal finally with purest general public and most spectacular of the sports of slips. The wave of Teahupoo then becomes the most feared and the most respected by the surfers of the whole world. Unknown factor of general public ten more years ago, it is today a superstar, heroin of a score of films and more than 200 covers of magazines in the world. The retransmission on line of Billabong Pro Tahiti, each year in May, causes each day more milion and half of connections Internet in 40 countries.

With this book, Tim McKenna makes us share ten years of photographic archives devoted to the danger and the beauty of this attractive wave. Ten years of competitions, triumphs and dramas, human adventures and superhuman exploits, told by the surfers themselves. 170 images of a single beauty, an ode with the perfection of nature and the courage of the men. Tim McKenna, photographer of extreme sports, recognized universally, has traversed the world for more than 20 years, contributing regularly to more than 40 magazines specialized in fields as varied as the hotel trade of luxury, the sportswear, tourism or the black pearl of Tahiti. Guillaume Dufau is a journalist and former editor of the magazine Surf Saga. He directs then the drafting of the monthly magazine Surf Session, in Biarritz, for which he signs in company of Tim McKenna of many reports to the four corners of the world. He published the Session work of dreams (editions Surf Session) in 2000, and took part in the writing of Surfers of tube (Pimientos editions, 98), and Waves, the fabulous spectacle of the ocean, with the editions Hermé it Martinière, in 2004. He is also international reporter to Thalassa Magazine.

All that to say that the pics are amazing, and i’m really proud to get my face inside!!!!

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