November 6 - 2009

Best security result for the North kiteboarding Quick Release System.

 Best security result for the North kiteboarding Quick Release System.

The North Kiteboarding Quick Release System is so well-engineered that no weak spot at all could have been recognized in our test.
Overall, it’s the very best system. Due to its features, even loads of sand could not irritate this reliable system.”
(source: KITE Magazin Germany Oct. 2009)

Please have a look at the results in the test report attached,
the Iron Heart III always works with nearly the same, very low forces. – Even when tested salty and very sandy.

Even 2010, still lots of systems don’t work at all or the release forces are way too high!
The first test shows the release forces in dry condition of the release system, the second one in sandy, salty and wet condition.
Some of the results are more than scary and have nothing to do with a safety solution.

Following just some of the results, tested sandy, exactly according to the rules of the French norm:

Brand release forces

Best 15,1 – 21,8 kg

Cabrinha 14 – 30 kg

Core 35,7 (!) – 49,2 (!) kg

Naish 11,4 – 15,9 kg

North 4,5 – 6,1 kg

Slingshot 18,7 – 29,9 kg

For example: an average sporty woman is able to pull up to 10kg at a safety system.
But most of the systems need, especially when sandy, much higher release forces to be activated!
So lots of the “safety” systems are just useless under pressure and can not be released at all.

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