June 18 - 2012

Behind the lens !

 Behind the lens !

This weekend the weather forecast was pretty good. I hunt in Britannysince 2 months the slightest wave and wind for the next episode of Make My Day.
A good day is a combination of four factors: wind, wave, sun, and keeping up with the tide. A spot can walk halfway between the two tide and after will be completely flat.
In Britanny, you can quickly drive through hundreds of miles to get from one spot to another, and a piece of sand can make you miss the good session.

Saturday was looking good, sun, wind (30-35knts), low tide (50), and swell, a bit too south west but 4m with 11 seconds period.

I love a spot, but i have been only one time. A rock that rises just above the sea, and make a beautiful barrel (slab), the spot is off the shore between Saint Malo and Quiberon (ok I know it’s wide).

I especially like this kind of “mission”, to drive, get organized, do not forget anything, be in the timing … when it works it’s always more enjoyable than riding on a spot next door. (well sometimes)

Environmentally conscious, the Cameraman Yves left the shore with a stand up paddle (well cause we had no boat) camera in the back, wind in the back (side off) all good for him (so far). I was with my 7 meters North Kite rebel, wind was gusty but okay.
Yves landed as planned on a rock next to the slab.
I love this wave, there is a hole, the rock is at water level, it’s a little game of cat and mouse. be well placed, half a second late and I fell into the hole and in advance i dig some art into the rocks.
The swell was not so big, but it was low tide, sometimes it can take 2 to 3 sizes more for one hour.

I stayed there for 2h30, only me! orgy! The swell was not as big as expected, but there were some pretty decent sets: for info we shoot over 100 waves, this is the big advantage of kitesurfing, the butcher, you can take the first wave of the series, the 3rd or the 4th at worst, we are very mobile on the water when the wind cooperates.

To go back to the shore was the mission, especially in for Yves with 35 knots of headwind with a stand up paddle.
I pulled him on one part, the other part he sat down on the board and paddle, I felt he was not moving.
After 40 minutes we managed to go back to the beach, tired and pretty happy.
We rob a bakery, and I slept all the way back. Here is a beautiful day like Brittany can give us, and when all the elements come together to offer the best of a spot.

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Behind the lens !

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