December 7 - 2009

Already 10 years, that was my first day as a kiteboarder…

 Already 10 years, that was my first day as a kiteboarder…

I enclosed a pics from the beginning of the kiteboarding adventure.
Already 10 years, First day of Kiteboarding in a cold winter, trying to do as much as i can without any advice, website or school, i found quickly four other crazy guys, Cyril Coste, Vincent Joly, Fabien bous et Hervé Maréchal, and from there all start.

This week i went back home, North of France in Wimereux, 45 knots, rain, stormy, wave, weather that i like, and 10 years after, i still have so much love for the sport and perhaps more. did an interview this week on their website by Thierry Seray, i enclosed it under, sorry for the translation i kind of did it in the fastest way, hope you understand everything clearly.

It’s start here:

Jeremie Eloy went one day to do an internship with Slinghsot and never came back. This is a picture of course. The course has been a springboard for him he has to use. Nothing ever happens to you cooked in the beak or rarely. For ten years, Jeremie rolled his hump all over the world on behalf of the biggest brands. We had so wanted to return with him on this decade and ask the look he gave it all. 

After all these years, your vision of the kite has it changed? It has necessarily evolved then in what sense?

In 10 years many things have changed, first the development of equipment, more safety, easier, more choices .. 
The kite is now in people’s minds, we don’t have to explain what is it anymore . you can meet a kitesurfer at the 4 corners of the world. 
Initially, the kite was an adventure for me no school, no advice, no website, learn as we could, we were getting strong links with other kiters, lot of help and sharing on the spot, First competition … it was really nice. I do not regret that period but I’m glad I was there.
Now my vision has necessarily changed, probably more pro, but this does not mean less passion, I have just a more global perspective on the sport and this does not prevent me from spending hours Under stormy rainy weather in the depths of Brittany sat on a rock, hoping that the wind is stabilizing. 

You live kitesurfing as Professional and in this respect can you throw yourself in 5 or 10 years? I mean is, how you imagine your life after. What your plans look like? 

No, I already find it difficult to project myself to one or two months while 5-10 years is impossible. This is not necessarily a lack of organization, but often I move according to the weather, requests, trips in preparations for last minute changes, difficult to have a long-term perspective. 
In 5 years is a little blurry, I prefer to concentrate on the present, on the proposed short-term (6 months), and with the experience I realize that if you plan too many things you will miss the best.

Even the most extraordinary things can end up tired. Traveling to ride is a fantastic adventure but countries where we are going to the poorest. the contrast he has been sometimes difficult to live? did you one day at least once felt out of step on a spot?Did it Happened to you to think that what you do was ultimately superficial, for example?

In some countries they go fishing all day and we ride on the wave next to them, and tell him that playing in the waves it is our job, there is clearly a big difference. In the trips I do, I leave the beaten track, there are rarely any tourists, no big hotels, so our money we know exactly where it goes, the sinner, the farmer on the corner, we travel by bus, train.. .we don’t go with a 4×4, swimming in a pool and waiting to be served.

We have the chance to make a very visual sport, we quickly bring all the village on the beach, they applaud each jump, children play with us, discuss with adults, sharing their lives, meet people, I think it extraordinary, surely not superficial for our society, but with respect to their own lives surely.

What brings you plans like Mozambique. And once you left, what did you leave over there? 

The Mozambique was a wonderful project. We followed a group of music called Positivo Mozambique, they educate youth about social problems in places where NGOs are not going. We sang and danced with children, recorded music, it was really intense to share, it never returns the same, and we quickly found a lot of trivial things.

The film will help to communicate on projects positivo, the cameraman made a clip that will allow them to be on local television and in the longer term this will allow them to continue their actions. 

What inspires a trajectory like Hulot went from the world of travel and “beautiful”, just like you, to a more engaged?

Travel is an asset but we can not remain blind and insensitive to what is happening and remain inactive. So I understand Nicolas Hulot, a trip like Mozambique is perhaps a fair return for responsible tourism, we can all make our due contribution to the local population. 

If you want to put your bag somewhere today, where will you do it?

I do not know, since 8 years there is not a place where I thought I’d like to put my bag here, I still rarely more than 2 weeks in one place. you could equate it to a leak, but so young I dreamed of doing what I do, to travel, meet people, to live my passion that I still have not found the time or inclination to do it.

What have you learned the more important during those years of travelling?

I especially learned that it was essential to believe in their dreams. Otherwise, travel and human encounters have taught me to put things into perspective, to be patient, to reach out to others … but also ordered his meal alone in a Japanese restaurant is not easy, as Australian beer is not good, that they all lead turkey headlights, that sharks are nice, a sea urchin is better on a plate than in a foot, a kitepump is perfect to suck the sand in a rented car , we can give money, also shower gel, magazines, shaving cream … under the table in exchange of my bag in the plane, In Hawaii, they are not fooled and know that this is not golf clubs but surfs and kites in my bag, in Mexico they were trigger happy, that Jökulhlaup c is not a gazelle but a tsunami following a volcanic eruption under the ice, that the world owes its development through the SailLatina, a wave of a meter in Hawaii did not measure the same size in Marseille, that in Chile we do not only eat red beans, the Indonesian aircraft like to land 20 knots downwind, in Latvian, 5 liters of vodka is 5 liters of water (at least for them), i should not run in flip flop into a herd of elephants, because then scamper backwards, charged by the dominant male, with flip flop is not clear, that we must listen a local because a good spot in a rice may prove to be a haven for crocodiles, a Sri Lankan is proud to show you what it does especially when he shoots with a tank on the Mount, like a Kalashnikov is a same Kalashnikov whatever the country, being French can avoid being kidnapped, an african taxi will take my boardbag above, chickens, sheep, oranges, mattresses, while a Parisian taxi empty can not take me, an American without insurance is not treated, it passes in front of everyone and you pay nothing when they will be treated in a Brazilian hospitalif you are a foreigner, (I was not proud ), that trace the main avenue, on horseback, galloping in the main town on easter island it’s a huge pleasure…. 

Thank you to my partners, North Kiteboarding, Oxbow, ION, Julbo, yourmood, surfrider foundation that allowed me to learn all this.

If you look in the mirror, what are you most proud?.One session in particular but without doubt?

I think I have done much of the dreams I had when I was little, but I still have a lot of other things that I keep secret for now.

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