October 16 - 2008

5th, Pkra World cup Chile

 5th, Pkra World cup Chile

I’m in Chile for the PKRA world cup wave event, the competition is in Matanzas three hours driving, south from Santiago the capital.
I arrived 4 days before the compétition, i enjoyed a big swell, it was really perfect.
The wave is very fast, the water is cold, the dolphins come to play under the board, the penguins from time to time show their head out of the water, the seals look at us, Matanzas it’s wild, ah yes it is also necessary to avoid the birds, large, or small, the pelicans, or Gulls.

I’m happy to see everyone, to encourage the frenchys on the Pkra freestyle (Garat and Hebert)and to ride perfect fast waves all day long.
Qualified for the event are:
Martin Vari —— Argentina
Guili Brandao —— Brazil
Drew Beavis —— Australia
Felix Pivec —— Australia
Fernando Paraud —— Peru
Herve Boure —— France
Jaime Herraiz —— Spain
Sky Solbach —— United States
Kevin Langeree —— Netherlands
Aaron Hadlow —— United Kingdom
Leeshai Miller —— Israel
Clinton Bolton —— South Africa
Peter Petersen —— South Africa
Jeremie Eloy —— France
Ben Wilson —— Australia
Marc Shinn —— United Kingdom

I finish 5th at the wave world champion event , i lost against Guilly Brandao. I kited with my pro model during the contest, really a super board on this spot.
One day of condition during the competition, then 2 days for freestyle and then nothing.
So we went to visit around, we also went to surf a static wave in a shopping mall in Santiago. We had lot of fun watching crashes.

I like Chile for his wild side, for the kindness of people, the splendid landscapes as far as the eye can see, and especially the conditions of surfing and kite.

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5th, Pkra World cup Chile

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5th, Pkra World cup Chile

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5th, Pkra World cup Chile

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5th, Pkra World cup Chile

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