April 27 - 2006

3rd Leucate, Mondial du vent

 3rd Leucate, Mondial du vent

Leucate, small village situated in the south of France, “between sky and sea” says the touristic folder. Bless by the god of wind and Laguna (and also wine).
6 hours of train, North to South, registration, license, medical certificate, a good night and the competition can start.
Next morning, i met all the riders, it’s the first competition of the year, it’s good to see everybody again.

But no time for talking, the wind is blowing, On shore, cold and cloudy…but i’m motivated.
At the end of the day, i finished 4th, completely tired with the jetlag and the difficult condition.
During the event, a boat show, some acrobatic exhibition… are organized to keep the visitor attracted when there is no wind.

It’s also a good place to see all my partners, like Christine from North, Thierry from Oxbow, the big family Julbo..because without them i won’t do all this adventure.

I saw all my sponsors, Ion did the photo shoot of the new wetsuit (with the photographer Christophmaderer.com), and some new projects has been confirmed during this week.

The double elimination came the second day, and the press release say that.
The numerous visitors enjoyed some very impressive jumps, which were high and near the beach, at the International Air Challenge competition.
Today, on the agenda, during the double knock-out competition for the freestyle, the jumps moved from kiteloop to handle-pass, and the feats of the French freestyle champion, Vincent Tiger resulted in the elimination of the world champion Thomas Cocquelet. Jérémie Eloy goes up in the results, now at the 3rd place, with some of the most beautiful kiteloops of the competition, but he meets Tom Hébert who is more than motivated.
The latter wins and meets Charles Deleau, winner of the single elimination, and wins the duel. With a victory each, it’s eventually Charles Deleau who dominates after a very tight heat. The young man from Montpellier, Florian Daubos, ends up at the 4th position.

The competition was very exciting.
Strong wind, powerfull move, everybody was pushing hard, riders for sure, but also the crowds, clapping and howling.
I finished third of the contest.
I’m flying to Tahiti wednesday, for training in freestyle and riding some big waves.
I will come back to Europe at the end of May for the PKRA (world cup) in Belgium.

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