January 29 - 2008

2008 International year of the Reef

 2008 International year of the Reef

To the initiative of the ICRI (International Coral Reef Initiative), the international Year of the coral reefs was launched, Thursday January 24, in Washington.

One of the rarest ecosystems of planet, the coral accounts for 1,2% of the surface of the continental shelves. However 30% of the coral barriers are already seriously damaged and 60% could be lost from here 2030. For example in 2005, which was one of the hottest years recorded since 1880, the Caribbean were severely touched: from 50 to 90 % of the corals bleached.

The international Year of the coral reefs especially makes it possible to alert the public opinion on the need for protecting this ecosystem, and even far from these coral barriers our mode of consumption and the climatic reheating which results from this influ on the coral (as on the ice-barrier) from the other part of the world.

Site of the UICN (world union for nature) which publishes a report over the catastrophic year 2005

official site of this year with the activities, the calendar, a ludic site with each day a council to protect the reef here

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